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Pyro Musical Display

Watching fireworks designed and fired to music can be a magical experience. We have produced dozens of pyro musical displays for our clients to a whole range of musical tastes!

Each pyro musical is designed using the latest digital design software with fireworks and effects carefully chosen to match the music. These are then fired using split second timing using our digital firing system, bringing the music to life with stunning sequences of colour and noise.

As a result there are additional costs involved in producing a pyro musical.

Typically a single track starts at £1995 up to £4995. Multiple track pyro musicals e.g. 15 minutes for a November show £4500 to £20000+.

Final budgets, music and duration will be discussed before acceptance of your booking.

Special Effects / Extras

If you'd like to add special effects or extras to your display, you can select them here.

Prices will be discussed before confirmation.

Terms & Conditions

Firework Crazy Professional Firework Display Terms & Conditions.

Between Firework Crazy (The Company) and (The Client)

The Firework Companies Obligations (Firework Crazy Limited)

1.1 To provide a display of fireworks as agreed / quoted on the display date for the organisers.
1.2 To provide the venue / organisers with the relevant safety documentation including £10 Million Public Liability Insurance, Risk Assessment; To minimise the possible risks to public, crew and property that a firework display may cause and Method Statements; To inform you / organisers on our safe working practices.
1.3 If booking a pyro musical show, Firework Crazy will NOT provide the sound system and any auxiliary power to run such a system unless agreed in advance.
1.4 Firework Crazy will be responsible for the following. Notification of Police, Fire Service, Coastguard & CAA where and when required and the security of the display site during set up, firing and de-rig.

The Organisers Obligations (You)

2.1 To pay a 20% deposit of the total contract price within seven days of us issuing the deposit invoice.
2.2 To pay the balance of the total contract price no later than 28 days before the display date unless otherwise agreed in writing in advance.
2.3 To arrange for Firework Crazy or it’s operatives free access to the display site from the agreed time on the display date so as to be able to set up the display.
2.4 To provide Crowd Control and / or stewards if required.
2.5 It is advisable to notify neighbours, local farmers, livestock owners, hospitals, nursing homes and anyone else who may be affected or distressed by the display. Failure by the event organiser to notify the relevant parties could lead to the display being cancelled.
2.6 Communication; Keep us informed of any changes including contacts on the day and changes to displays times. These can be changed as often as you like prior to the display, but any change on the day to the firing time of the display greater than 45 minutes to the agreed firing time may incur additional costs of £200 per 30 minutes or part thereof.
2.7 Where we have to notify the CAA due to the close vicinity of an airport, any times that are given to us by the CAA have to be strictly enforced. Failure to fire within the time we are allocated will result in cancellation of the display and forfeiture of any monies paid, any outstanding payments will be payable immediately.
2.8 To provide access to toilet facilities for our crew.
2.9 Where crew are on site for more than five hours (November displays or larger scale events) provide each crew member with sustinence in the form of 1 x hot meal and 1 x soft drink.

Variations & Substitutions / Omissions.

3.1 Substitutions and omissions; Firework Crazy reserve the right at any time to substitute and / or omit a pyrotechnic effect from a show which we feel may cause an unacceptable Health and Safety risk. This decision is normally put into effect where excessive wind conditions may cause long duration "hanging" effects to drift towards the audience and / or buildings or ripe crops in the summer months. In the majority of cases, substitutions are made rather than omissions.

Termination and Cancellation.

4.1 Cancellation by the client up to four weeks prior to the display date will result in the deposit being kept with no further payments payable.
4.2 Cancellation by the client between two and four weeks prior to the display will result in a 50% refund of the full fee (if paid) or 50% of the final balance being payable.
4.3 Cancellation by the client between 48 hours and two weeks prior to the display will result in a 20% refund of the full fee (if paid) or 80% of the final balance being payable.
4.4 Cancellation by the client within 48 hours of the display will result in the full amount being due.
4.5 If a show is not allowed to go ahead or cancelled by the venue for any reason outside of Firework Crazy’s control; then the same conditions apply above as for a client cancellation.
4.6 If (a) Firework Crazy make the decision on the day of your show , that your show cannot go ahead due to unacceptable levels of risk created by adverse weather conditions” (b) the client makes the decision, on Police advice or otherwise, that the show cannot go ahead due to threatened acts of terrorism or violence such as might pose a substantial risk to public safety, then in either case 50% of the total contract price will be refunded or payable (If outstanding)
4.7 Firework Crazy will do everything possible to ensure that the display goes ahead. However, we reserve the right to cancel without compensation on the grounds of safety. Firework Crazy’s Head Firer on the display site has sole responsibility for this decision.

Anyone of the following conditions may result in the cancellation of the display:
• Inadequate safety distance.
• Poor crowd control and / or lack of stewards.
• Livestock in close proximity to the display site.
• Force Majeure.

PLEASE NOTE: Cancellations are very rare. Potential problems are always discussed with the client and we always seek to come to an agreeable cancellation decision, which would in almost every circumstance be based purely on the safety of the Audience and / or Firing Crew.

EVENT INSURANCE: We strongly advise that you take out event cancellation cover insurance. There are many brokers who will arrange this for you. A good one to use is